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Control means

The company's quality assurance system emphasized the control of the process,The concept of quality control products used in the design, manufacture, testing, and so the whole process,

And using advanced testing equipment, test measurement route meticulously and strictly control the examination process, so that each product have been guaranteed.

<1> The multifunction Test Bench of 100 tonnage electric hoist

<2> Automatic computer-controlled experimental system for electric hoist

<3> Ultrasonic nondestructive testing

<4> x-ray non-destructive testing

The companies equipped with advanced equipment industry,Has the largest 100-ton electric hoist test stand,

testing Center and the supporting machinery processing equipment,Such as the CNC plane drilling machine,

Non-destructive Flaw Detector etc.Advanced equipment for the manufacture of high quality products has laid a solid foundation

<1> The Poros electric hoist auto painting production line of beijing

<2> cy-k40-type full-function CNC lathe of Japan

<3> Germany's Messer CNC flame plasma cutting machine

<4> Double Star Steel Shot line of Qing Dao


Production equipment


 R & D team

The Company to set up a professional R & D laboratory as the main backbone,

Application of high-tech design software, high technology achievements,

Adapt to meet the needs of the market segmentation,And in environmental protection, security, intelligence to try out a new and innovative,

Used for walking in the forefront of the industry,Technical part of the class set up departments:Overhead crane and gantry crane design studio,

Single-beam crane and electric hoist Design Studio,Electrical Design Studio,R & D Lab,

  More than 60 technical staff from the intermediate and senior technical staff of the technical team,

Is a product development and meet the individual needs of users the leading force,

Focus on advanced technology R & D goals,

  Founded at the beginning, the company that is dedicated to the manufacture of fine,Tonnage of the company independently developed the HC100 series wire rope electric hoist both the quality and performance are in the same industry in the first,

STHS European electric hoist double girder crane、NLX Model European style electric suspension、MG type 320 tonnage general style gantry cranes、QD-based general-purpose bridge crane 320 tons

YZ casting crane、Yang 400m high gantry crane and the role of a low building height STi European electric hoist、HD-based European electric single-girder cranes and The success of manufacturing equipment that the company's R & D capabilities and production capacity has reached domestic leading level

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