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Products Name:NH Electric Hoist
Date:2010-09-21 15:08:48

    I developed the NH series electric hoist, electric hoist is based Demag advanced design. Electric hoist hoisting mechanism with planetary gears, its compact, lightweight, installed in the reel, the effective reduced electric hoist dimensions.

    Electric hoist design to maximize the use of modular design, the high degree of common parts, shell design with a square structure, in the upper and lower hoist the four directions around the design of the installation location, electric hoist itself as a large module and flying car, sitting car, roof, walls, etc. to install any combination to facilitate the formation of multi-purpose lifting equipment.

    The design criterion used by the European FEM standards, electric hoist lifting speed, run speed of more humane choice, the design of slow, precise orientation, suitable for installation and maintenance, design of fast degrees to more efficient and more convenient electric hoist.

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