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Date:2010-09-21 15:21:27

    CD1 model, MD1 model wire rope electric hoist is a small light lifting equipment. With a compact, light weight, small size, parts versatile, convenient operation. Reducer with hardened transmission design, long life and high mechanical efficiency. Motor using a conical rotor brake motor with upper and lower two-way safety limit devices. It can be mounted on single beam overhead crane and gantry crane. Modified, can also be used to hoist. Therefore, they are factories, mines, ports, warehouses, shops and other lifting equipment commonly used one, is to increase labor efficiency and improve the working conditions of the necessary machinery.

    CD1-type electric hoist lifting speed of normal speed, can meet the general application requirements; MD1 model electric hoist with two lifting speed - normal speed and slow. Slow work, can meet the precision handling, sand box mold, machine maintenance and other fine work requirements. Therefore, MD1 model electric hoist the use of electric hoist than CD1 broader. Now our company has developed a CD Ⅱ, MD Ⅱ type wire rope electric hoist, which is the CD1, MD1 type improved. CD Ⅱ, MD Ⅱ electric hoist motor and the reducer will be placed on the same side, the motor output torque can be reached in the shortest distance from reducer to change the CD1, MD1 type hoist the traditional structure, with a compact, effective transfer torque features. The use of place gourds widely, performance parameters and the CD1, MD1 same type, while the company can produce CD Ⅱ, MD Ⅱ type of explosion-proof electric hoist. This product lifting height 30 m or more widely used.

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