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Products Name:Port Tyre Crane
Date:2010-09-21 15:52:08

    The model for the whole back tire rotation arm self-propelled crane, broke through traditional mobile crane tire form of mechanical drive, by mechanical, hydraulic and electric drive DC to AC drive, AC diesel generator, inverter drives the AC power through the working body can be widely used in ports, railway stations, freight yards, industrial and mining enterprises, construction sites and other places of break-bulk cargo loading and unloading and lifting operations, and also as special container loading and unloading mechanical substitute for the container yard 20,40 feet container transshipment operation, versatility, and flexibility.

    The machine has a good startup performance, application management communication PLC converter, soft start and variable speed control, smooth operation, can achieve zero speed brake agencies, will control the current from the amp level reduced mA level, can to achieve non-contact control the main circuit, and system monitoring and protection, fault alarm, good security. Set power conversion interface, can connect the AC power during operation, saving the oil resources and greatly reduce operating costs, but also reduce noise, reduce air pollution, eco-friendly, is a green machine. When the power outage and work in the area without electricity, diesel generators can configure their own work, has great flexibility.


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