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Products Name:HD electric single girder overhead crane
Date:2010-09-23 16:17:35

    HD electric single girder overhead crane is the crane Autopass Weihua Group and Singapore jointly designed and developed the design with the world's advanced level of single girder overhead crane products. It is advanced technology designed according to international standards: DIN (Germany), FEM (European), ISO (International), with strong rigidity, light weight, superior design, etc., can effectively save your plant space and investment costs, running structural features unique, is your best choice.

    HD Single-girder overhead crane can be widely used in machinery manufacturing, metallurgy, petroleum, petrochemical, port, railway, civil aviation, electricity, food, paper, building materials, electronics and other industry workshops, warehouses and other material handling situations. In particular, applications that require precise positioning of the material handling, large parts precision assembly applications.

Single-girder overhead cranes HD features and advantages:
Optimal Design of the computer box girders as main support beam.
Wire rope hoist trolley with height is small, so that the hook is more reasonable size, scope of work is more extensive.
Unique wheel frame design, which will help balance the alignment and installation of solid structure.
Motor protection class is IP54, F class insulation, and equipped with (optional) overload protection.
Specially designed crane gear box with helical gears, self-lubricating.
Car door with a flashlight attached to the main beam can also be a separate move freely, and according to the depth of their different buttons on the speed of control operation.
STi wire rope hoist with a crane the following advantages:
2m working-class life of the crane longer, work more efficiently.
Lifting speed and car speed increases, improved transport efficiency.
Speed with stepless speed control, so Crane stable small sway.
Hook limit of small size, high utilization of space.

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