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Products Name:LD electric single girder crane
Date:2010-09-23 16:20:45

    LD electric single girder crane with a reasonable structure, machine rigidity characteristics. Type machine with CD1, MD1 model electric hoist supporting the use of a small light lifting. The starting weight for the 1t-20t. Span is 7.5-28.5m, the work level for A3-A4, the working environment temperature -25 ℃ ~ 40 ℃.

    The products are widely used in factories, warehouses, material lifting various occasions, the goods prohibited in flammable, explosive, corrosive media environments. This product has both ground and control room operation forms. Control room are open, closed two, respectively, according to the actual situation of the left or right to install two forms, the entry direction of the side and end two, to meet the different needs of users in a variety of choice under the circumstances.

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