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Niu Kelun to the quality of the user made the following commitments:

First, all products are production license (or certificate of validation) to provide counterfeit or not the old refurbished products.

Second, product quality levels to achieve a product (or class product.)

Third, the product of the main performance parameters are within the limits prescribed in the standard.

Fourth, strictly enforce discipline of product technology to ensure the processing according to the technical operating procedures.

Fifth, to ensure complete product inspection equipment, detection means complete, and in strict accordance with specifications on the product quality inspection and acceptance components, substandard products are not allowed to leave the factory.

Sixth, establish a complete product files, so ordering a contract production of records, there testing accounting, warehousing have certification, the factory has to pay check.

VII, manufactured products without knocking, complete accessories, paint in good condition, complete procedures, so that the user satisfaction.


Service commitment

First, where the company sells a variety of products quality problems, according to the provisions of the Company to implement the "Three Guarantees" service, sales and service by the team to undertake the work of three packs.

Second, the user receives information about product quality (call, letter or verbal notice), immediately sent the officer rushed to the scene to solve the problem.

Third, the service personnel to be serious, thoughtful and thoroughly deal with quality issues and ensure timely use of the user, no worries.

Fourth, in a timely manner to resolve the quality of products sold at the same time, after-sales service staff have a duty to provide free technical advice, technical training and answers to the problems associated with other products.

Fifth, where the quality of our products are indeed the products in question, the cost borne by the Company. Users due to product quality problems caused by (or beyond the warranty period of product quality) the appropriate fee, but not higher than the total costs (or cost fee).

VI, firmly establish the user is God, all for the sake of users thought, time, seriously, start to finish handle quality issues, stress credibility, try to protect the image of Plains products, so the company assured customer satisfaction.

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